The 10 Worst Restaurant Customers -- A Server's Perspective

Some restaurants are full of bad customers, while at other establishments they're more of an occasional "special treat." But one thing is guaranteed: If you've ever waited tables, you've crossed paths with at least one of these horrible customers. Keep reading to see how many you've endured.

10. The ones who take forever to make space

No rush. I'll just stand here while these steaming plates of food slowly burn their way through my hands.

9. The ones who stack their plates

That is, the ones who stack them the wrong way. We appreciate the
thought, but you are the reason I'm going to have food all over my hands -- or broken dishes all over the floor -- in just a minute here.

8. The ones who snap their fingers or whistle

...or bangs on the table or asks for "the boy" or the "girl" or shouts at you from across the room, because they've mistaken someone in the service industry for a servant.

7. The ones who make you wait

If you're not ready to order, that's fine. But don't make me stand there while you chat about the importance of going gluten-free or which movie you're going to see later. I promise I'll come back when you're ready. It's my job.

6. The entitled customers

Oh, so you changed everything about an entree on our menu, ate half of it, and then sent it back because "you don't like it"? We have a word for customers like you... "banned".

5. The careless parents

If you ever hand me a fucking dirty diaper at the table again I will serve it back to you in a complimentary Molten Chocolate Lavacake.

4. The "creative" tippers

We get it: Tipping culture is nuts. But it's also a thing. So if you
can't afford to leave a tip, you can't afford to eat out. Period. Oh and by the way, when your "tip" is a whitty comment or scripture verse on the tip line, servers take a picture of your name on the receipt and post it in a secret database that the hostess consults against your OpenTable account and forwards to the kitchen where they all take turns putting their balls in your food.

3. The ones with fake allergies

Oh wow, you're alergic to salt? Really? Do me a favor and lick your sweaty arm real quick for me. Still alive? I rest my case.

2. The ones that hit on you before the menus hit the table

I'll tell you my name. I might even tell you where I'm from. But I'm not going to tell you where I live, what time I get off work, or what I'm doing later. Come on, bro (or couple) -- this is a restaurant, not a unicorn convention. You'd have better luck with a joint Tinder profile.

1. The table that won't leave

Yes, we know you had a great time. In fact, we're still here waiting for your good time to end. If your server is already having a drink at the bar before you've paid your tab, it's time to go. Seriously.

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